The Reel Snail - or paper slabber, reel slitter - is a deceptively simple tool for cutting through layers of paper on the reel safely and efficiently. 

Designed with safety in mind, they are incredibly strong and robust, whilst being comfortable and easy to use.

The range has a number of products depending on the thcikness of material to cut:

SCT1/S (ART NO. 19-91)

Packed x 20

With a curved beak, the SCT1/S is used for light papers (up to 100gsm).


SCT1/74 (ART NO. 19-74)

Packed x 20


For a range of thinner papers (up to 80 gsm), the SCT1/74 is ideal with a shallow curve to make light work of finer cuts.


SCT2/H (ART NO. 19-99)

Packed x 20

Designed to be flexible and sustainable , the replaceable twin beaks allow the SCT2/H to be re-used time and again - and making this knife ideal for the whole range of grammages to be cut.

Curved beak SCT2/P1 (Art no. 1)

Straight beak SCT2/P2 (Art no. 2)

SCT1/L (ART NO. 19-90)

Packed x 20


The SCT1/L with the straight beak and handle is suited to heavier paper (140gsm+)



SCT1/85 (ART NO. 19-85)

Packed x 20

With a curved beak to work on lower weight papers (up to 165gms) but with the handle, extra force can be applied to cut heavier weights, if only a smaller amount of winds are to be cut. 



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