Protection From Impact, Crushing or Stubbing

Made of flexible, pliable PVC. Treads under sole to prevent slipping and keep liquid away from the foot. Can be comfortably worn over shoes, low-heels (and some high heels), running shoes and most boots.

Ideal PPE for guests to a site

The TURBO TOE Steel toe cap overshoes protect the toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing. Made of flexible, pliable PVC. Treads under sole to prevent slipping and help liquid flow away from the foot.


  • Ideal for any working environment that carries a risk of toe damage or has a steel toe cap requirement

  • Perfect for visitors, casual or temporary workers, management, clerical staff and sales people

  • 100% waterproof, will not harden, stiff or crack

  • Can be comfortably worn over low-heel, dress and running shoes and most boots

  • Steel toe cap meets Impact and Compression Resistance 75lb Rating per ASTM F2412-11/F2413-11

  • Sold per pair. Sizes XXS to XXXL Toe is color-coded to indicate size.

Select sizes based on the size of your footwear. For shoes with bulkier soles larger size might be needed.

PART#                   SIZE                  TOE COLOUR              UK

TTXXS                     XXS                         Purple                       2 - 4.5

TTXS                         XS                          Grey                         4.5 - 5.5 

TTS                            S                            White                        6 - 7.5

TTM                           M                            Yellow                      8 - 9.5

TTL                            L                             Red                         10 - 11.5

TTXL                         XL                           Blue                         12 - 13

TTXXL                     XXL                          Green                      13 - 14

TTXXXL                 XXXL                         Black                        15 - 16


Product meets the strict European safety guidelines for Personal Protective Equipment. Gloves are in compliance with EN 420 General Requirements for Gloves.



Certified to standard Z334-14 – Protective Footwear. Class 7231 02 – Occupational Health & Safety Products – Grade 1: over the shoe toe protectors withstands impact velocity minimum of 3.32m/s.



Tested to ASTM Standard F2413/F2412 and meets 75 lb impact (I/75) and compression (C/75) resistance rating.



Indicates how a product is sold; PR: sold in pair only. LH, RH: sold individually by left hand (LH) or right hand (RH). EA: ambidextrous, sold individually by each. C: sold by case only.